August 3, 2009

Half-time: my nutritional journey!

Paleo diet is messy. Not only for the person on the diet (me), but everyone I come in contact with over the course of the 30 day challenge. I am on a roller coaster of emotions with the highs being optimistic, happy, skinny & fit! And the lows being grouchy, irritable, mushy & soft. I just want abs! Is that so much to ask for?
The improvements are obvious, my times have decreased significantly, I now finish with the rest of the group every day! It has been a huge help with my endurance (somehow!). I no longer stop because I'm tired and cannot breathe, at this point it is all mental. I think I could get used to this!
With 10 more days to go, I do look forward to a Coldstone ice cream, but other than that...I really have no desire to go back to my previous way of eating. I was a 2 candy bar a day kinda gal. This was the goal wasn't it? This is what was supposed to happen. I am amazed, something health/diet/fitness related that actually works. Crossfit and Paleo, who would have thought?
So, i'm an official Crossfitter, I am thisclose to finishing my 30 day Paleo challenge and have changed the way I will be living my life forever. Where does this blog go from here? I suppose if anyone has found me the slightest bit of interest thus far, I will continue to document my journey of health, fitness and adventures. I plan on doing big things and exciting things during my 20's. I even plan on including photos along the way! So hold on to your hats, things should only get better from here!

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