August 27, 2009

My taste on Larabars

I had created a document as I tried each different Larabar, describing the flavor and starring my favorites. No harm in sharing!! I have not yet tried the 2 new Larabar flavors or the 2 containing cocoa powder, but look forward to it! My overall favorite is Coconut Cream Pie. Enjoy!!

Lemon: OK. very fruit & nut texture. subtle lemon flavor.

*Cashew Cookie: Delicious. Tastes very cashew-y. I like it a lot. Almost like an Almond Cookie.

Key lime pie: slight citrus taste, very forgettable. not a favorite.

*Coconut Cream Pie: Delicious. smooth coconut flavor and coconut texture.

Cinnamon Roll: Tastes more like Oatmeal Cinnamon Raisin cookie. Good, tastes like a healthy cookie, not too sweet. Definitely can taste the cinnamon.

Pistachio: The date flavor FAR outweighs the pistachio, though they compliment each other well. It is a nice "Original Bar" Not too special.

Cherry Pie: Sweet cherry flavor. very good fruity Larabar. tastes like dried tart cherries.

Pecan Pie: A nice pecan flavor. would be better with cinnamon. good, but not great.

*Banana Bread: Awesome. Tastes just like homemade banana bread + almonds.

Ginger Snap: Very Spicy. Lots of Cloves flavor. Tastes like a ginger snap!!

Peanut Butter Cookie: Nice soft chewy texture. I thought it tasted like an unsweetened Peanut Butter Cookie!

Apple Pie: Overwhelming cinnamon flavor and not a whole lot of anything else.

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