October 26, 2009

Great, great, great, great, great cookies

It is with great regret that D and I hereby resign our positions in the 100 Burpee Challenge. With our constant skipping of days, I think we have done well to prove that we are able to do 100+ burpees multiple days in a row. Besides, pulling over on the side of the road to complete burpees during my upcoming 32 hour roadtrip - not my cup of tea.

In other news, owner Stephanie Lester of Cavemen Bakery was kind enough to send me a bag of Cavemen Cookies to share with the Tribe. These cookies are delicious and 100% primal (or pretty darn close depending on whether or not you choose to eat honey.) Either way, if honey is a cheat for you, this is a pretty guilt-free way to do it. The cookies definitely have a ginger snap flavor, (the only ingredients are honey, almond flour, walnuts, raisins, ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon) but the texture is super soft and super chewy. Not the "chewy" of your typical commercial, chocolate chip, "soft 'n chewy" cookie, these were a different kind of chewy that I am having a hard time finding a comparison for. Regardless, they were wonderful and hit the spot. The sweetness conquered my cravings and prevented me from finishing off the entire bag; the perfect combination!! In sharing this tasty treat with 5 other hungry primal crossfitters, I hope I was able to do my part in sending some business Stephanie's way.

During my remaining free Saturdays before the big move (which means 1) I am extremely grateful and excited/nervous for the opportunity to shadow, learn and train beside my very own CrossFit master Jason "Jakers" Parent. [Side note: I watched 'Kung Fu Panda' this weekend, hence the use of the word "master", I feel that it fits the CrossFit hierarchy wonderfully!] Hopefully in the 1.5 hours time, I will be able to gather some useful information, knowledge and skills towards achieving my own goals & aspirations in Royal Oak. I have so much to do and learn and am extremely lucky to have such savvy and generous people to call my friends.


Anonymous said...

Is that legal? can one merely resign?

Lynn M. E.

Paleo said...

Hey Tyler,
Glad you're digging Paleo. If you'd like to try some different Paleo Treats, shoot me an email (sample@paleotreats.com) with your address and I'll send out some PTs for you to try. 100% organic, 100% paleo...